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Gonzales County Youth Show Association

Gonzales County Youth Show Association

I was approached in early 2016 to produce a logo for the Gonzales County Youth Show Association. They needed a new logo to start re-branding their association. I don’t know if you’ve been involved with youth show associations recently; but they are not just about showing cows and chickens and such.

Chickens and stuff

Yeah, I didn’t exactly get that until after the first round of logos.

The Association’s leader contacted me directly and let me have full creative control of where the logo was going. Here’s what I came up with for them. The client mentioned that the logo was going to be used heavy on promo items like embroidered shirts and caps, and belt buckles; so any logo that was made needed to either be simple enough, or have a simpler version of it nearby.

Logo Concept #1: 

I created this set of logos because my personal experience was that stock shows are a rustling and bustling event for agriculture involved youth. It is always an exciting time of year (especially when you grow up in a town as small as my hometown). I designed these logos to set into motion of set of branding that would be similar yet independent, depending on whom you ask and what you’re showing.

This set of logos was rejected because, as I mentioned, the youth shows of today cover much more than just showing animals. Ask any youth show parent in town next time you see them – you may want to start getting involved, yourself.



Concept Logo #2: 

Concept Logo #2 was all-encompassing to the Western vibe. The client mentioned previously that they enjoyed the look of the Houston Rodeo and San Antonio Rodeo logos for their inclusion of Western Wear. This concept logo was to display how a cursive G could be allocated to a cowboy boot. It was not well received by the gentlemen on the committee. (However, Concept #5, they loved).



Concept Logo #3:

Logo concept number three involved a couple of things: the visualization of the logo being solely contained on a belt buckle, the inclusion of a horse shoe for a G (which had full intentions of being cleaned up and sharpened later, if the committee felt they liked that direction), and a rustic, old Texas vibe. It also featured some subbranding logos that could be easily embroidered and simple enough to print on a wide variety of items.



Concept Logo #4:

#4 was easily my favorite. Easily. If you aren’t familiar with Gonzales, Texas, it is the birthplace of Texas Independence (take an online historic tour here and read about Come and Take It here. This logo was designed to mimic the spirit of the Come and Take It flag, and apply it to the spirited youth that make up the Youth Show Association. The logo was rejected because of it’s inclusivity only to stock animals; but the basics were kept for the final logo.



Concept Logo #5: 

Concept #5 was well-received by the gentlemen on the board; however it centered mostly on chickens. They really liked the word styling, so it was included in other logo rounds.




Concept Logo #6:

Concept Logo #6 was a specifically modern, general, all-inclusive take on a logo for a small town association. I did not think it would win, but I wanted them to understand the full range of logos that was at their disposal.



After meeting with the committee and recording their feedback, we came up with the following second round of logos:

Logo Set 1, Round 2:


Logo Set 2, Round 2:



Logo Set 3, Round 2:



And, as you can predict: the winner:


The Stock Show Association even partnered with me again to get a 20′ banner created for their photos. In case you are interested, this sort of product is called a “Step and Repeat Banner featuring Logos”.

Youth Show Step-and-Repeat Banner

Youth Show Step-and-Repeat Banner that was displayed at this year’s show


Mary Scheske Wharmby
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