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Work with Mary

Work with Mary

Mary is a for-hire marketing and digital presence expert in the state of Texas.  She is capable of taking your needs for an online presence and converting them into a complete workhouse that will streamline your daily operations, gather leads, promote your social media messages, and suggest tools and tips that will make your workday easier. Her motto is, and always has been, “Work Smarter, Not Harder”.


She really believes in the American dream of working for yourself, to commit yourself to a certain calling. Many times in our world, people have great ideas but get very much caught in the pipeline of setting up proper means of communication to execute their plans. This is where MaryMakingTX can help. Mary is available to get you started, and available for help down the line on a as-needed basis.


Read more about her personal touch towards business below.



My decade of well-rounded experience includes journalism, creating sales briefs for dominating players in the oil industry, researching for and designing white papers, creating websites with function, all levels of marketing design from business cards to billboards, troubleshooting media software and websites for college students, creating instructional technology videos, designing and procuring pop-up banners and red carpet backgrounds, trying to market useless non-academic workshops, and creating logos and branding starting points for small businesses and non-profits to get them started. For about two years, she had an AM radio spot. Her experience has taken her from College Station, to Houston, to Austin, to rural Texas, to San Marcos, and to San Antonio.


I received a bachelors degree from Texas A&M University in 2006, spent some time in a master’s of computer science program at Texas State University, and have earned seven certificates in website programming languages from Austin Community College.


She also loves (in no particular order) coffee and good breakfast tacos, her dog, her husband, helping others when needed, and hosting others in her home in New Braunfels. She has a penchant for RSS feeds and doesn’t understand why more people don’t use them.




It’s no surprise that the grand majority of first-year clients were previous coworkers, colleagues, and superiors that I had the pleasure of collaborating with before my time working for others. Below is just an example of how I would approach a new client.


  • During a few initial conversations, I learn about you. What are you trying to accomplish? What led you to this journey? What do you hope to accomplish? Who, in my network, can I introduce you to in the effort of collaboration and knowledge?
  • I use my personal experience as a journalist to put myself in your shoes and research skills, challenges, hurdles, and what others are doing in your industry. I explore and challenge you to consider hurdles upon your growth, and the future of your business or organization.
  • I use my communication background to create a well-researched ideas brief to collect any and all information you may need and deliver a system that will work best for you: whether you need to sell tickets, collect information using forms, sign users up for emails – you name it; there’s a tool out there. I will find it.
  • After discussing and informing you about tools that I believe would help your situation the most, I use my technical skills to design something that works for you. I always stay true to my word and will never produce something for you that does not work. If, one day, it should stop working; I will work with you and for you to fix the situation.
  • After you have approved all designs and systems, and you fully understand what I have completed for you (I am no stranger to creating instructional guides for users), I oversee the launch of the project.


My goals are simple:

  • Create something with function.
  • Create something that streamlines functions.
  • Create something visually striking.
  • Create something the client loves.



More than I’d like to admit, my clients have approached me to “fix something someone else did”.


They come from different sources: One was a rather large database project promised by an American as something that would work, and thousands of dollars later they discovered the entire project was outsourced overseas – and then it didn’t even operate as it was supposed to. One was some graphic design work that needed some tweaking.


My promise to you, potential client, is that I believe there is nothing that can’t be resolved in our time together. I will work on your project until you are satisfied. If I can’t execute what you need, I will help you find someone who can. I will not take your deposit and disappear.


Long story short, the majority was clients who had not seen anyone work as hard, or as long, or as well as I did. As soon as I sent out my “I am leaving to work for myself” announcement, I had several calls that week for projects. I couldn’t have been more grateful for those first conversations.


Now I’m available for you.


If you’re interested in collaborating on a project with me, please visit my online form to get started. 

Mary Scheske Wharmby
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